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Link Decorative Designs is Australia’s leading Accredited Powder Coating company providing Decorative Powder Coating finishes, Natural Wood Grain, Natural Stone and Fancy decorative finishes on both ferrous & non-ferrous metals and any material that can resist temperature greater than 200​°​C.

Link Decorative Designs is considered the industry leader for architectural and industrial decorative applicators for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Architectural Powder Coating

There are several different characteristics of powder coating powders available on the market today for your various projects. Please contact us with details of your project and we will provide you with the best recommendation. Following are some of the Powder Coating powders available.

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Wood Grain Finishes

Wood Grain Finish on Aluminium – A Greener Alternative to Real Wood.

At Link Powder Coating and Link Decorative Designs we have now expanded our product offerings to include Wood Grain, Natural Stone finishes and Custom Sublimation services.

We currently offer more than 30 Wood Grain finishes. Please contact us for your Wood Grain project needs.

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DURALUXE® are the Ultimate Sublimation panels, with unmatched durability in both Interior and Exterior applications. Every DURALUXE® panel comes with a five year warranty for exterior application regardless of where or how you will use it.

Anti-graffiti, Scratch Resistance and Chemical Resistance are just few of the qualities of our unique panels. Our powder coating is specially formulated to outlast every other sublimatable panel in the world.

With DURALUXE® panels, you are assured to make a lasting impression. Using Sublimation, your image is transferred inside the powder coated base paint providing a durable finish.

Aluminium is strong yet light-weight, bendable and easily worked. DURALUXE® panels can be bent after sublimation without the risk of damaging your work. Our panels can be cut without chipping or cracking.

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Decorative Designs and Custom Sublimation

The possibilities are endless!! At Link Powder Coating and Link Decorative Designs, we offer custom sublimation services on our DURALUXE® panels. Our highly sophisticated vacuum bed is capable of sublimating flat sheets of Aluminium as large as 1.2m by 4.0m. We are the exclusive licensed manufacturers of DURALUXE® Sublimation panels here in Australia and New Zealand. Yes, our panels are manufactured right here in Kings Park, NSW, using foreign raw materials.

DURALUXE® panels are the ultimate sublimation panels with unmatched durability for both interior and exterior applications. We use state of the art software and printer to print your images and signs using special inks on unique transfer paper and then sublimate those images onto your substrate.

Please contact us with your project details and we will be happy to provide you with unique options to meet your specific project requirements.

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Sand Blasting

Powder Coating relies on a clean, pre-treated surface like any and every other coating. Rusty metal deposits must be removed prior to powder coating, as over-coating with powder will only mask what is fundamentally corroding metal. Sand Blasting the surface of your material prior to powder coating provides an excellent surface for the powder coating to adhere to. Sand Blasting also increases the adhesion and durability of the finished product.

At Link Powder Coating, we can help you with the surface preparation of a wide range of metal subtracts including mild steel, wrought iron, aluminium and stainless steel.

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Chemical Stripping

Our Chemical stripping service involves the removal of paint finishes and other coatings from a surface using chemicals and solvents. Chemical stripping is suitable for a variety of metal subtracts including mild steel, wrought iron, stainless steel, sheet metal and small aluminium parts. This process of coating removal is particularly effective when you need to remove paint from difficult to get to areas. Chemical Stripping is often used in the restoration process for automotive parts, motorcycles/pushbikes without harming or distressing the actual structure of the item.

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