Batten Systems

Link Decorative Designs’modern and easy to install battens comes with a vast range of Link’s unique timber look finishes. We have8 different profiles to choose from.

Benefits of our Batten Systems:

Maintenance Free: no sanding, painting, or staining required. Rodent free, no twisting, warping, rotting, or splintering

Non-combustible material making it suitable for fire prone areas.

Durable Finish - Aluminium powder coated in accordance with AS3715, hence providing durability to all our finishes that is suitable for harsh environments.

Versatile for both commercial and residential projects.

DIY easy install with minimal resources and accessories.

Clean finish with all fixings hidden when installed.

Short Lead Times - Availability of our systems in short lead times Australia wide.

Australian Made and available Australia Wide.

50 Series Battens

25 Series Battens

40 Series Battens

45 Series Battens

75 Series Battens

Batten Installation Guide